Marian Hill - Collage Juliet Jenkins - Watercolour Mat Barber Kennedy RI - Watercolour and Collage

Our Work There are approximately 40 selected professional artists and illustrators on the agency's portfolio so the range of artistic style and approach is wide. They work in a variety of media: pen & ink, oils, watercolour, mixed media, photography or 3D models.

Each project is approached individually, helping you to select not only an artist whose work you like, but who will be enthused by your project. We can suggest a variety of ideas, from conventional figurative paintings to complex pictorial stories, ensuring you have a highly personal work of art reflecting the character of the place depicted.

The artists come from all over the UK—and beyond. Some are well established, other earlier into their careers, but all have a particular interest in architecture and/or landscape, and you can be confident of finding a style and approach you like.

Nick Hebditch - Mixed Media Richard Bawden - Watercolour Catherine Brennand RI - Watercolour with Collage Rosemary Morison - Watercolour Paul Wells - 3D Model
Artists in Residence, The Jointure Studios, 11 South Street, Ditchling, Sussex, BN6 8UQ
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